Terms of Service


The website www.gospareparts.com and any equivalent domains (or mirror), hereinafter referred to as simply “Site”, is managed and updated by Gumat d.o.o

On the site you will find discussion spaces dedicated in particular to reviews and comments on the various products offered; users can post messages to which other users will be able to reply with other messages, normally visible and available to the entire user of the Website.

Messages that do not comply with the following regulations may be closed, modified or canceled, at the discretion of the Manager, without the user receiving any notice. In case behaviors that are not allowed by the regulations are implemented, the user can be canceled and / or excluded (banned) from the site.

This site does not represent a newspaper as it is updated without any periodicity. Therefore, it can not be considered an “editorial product”, according to the law n. 62 of 7 March 2001.

General Regulations and Terms of Service

1.1 – Registration and consultation of the Site are free of charge, but are subject to the unconditional acceptance by the user of these General Regulations and Conditions of Use and of the relevant Premises: in the event that the user is not in agreement with any of the clauses set out in this Regulation, you must immediately stop the registration process and leave the site navigation.

1.2 – Upon registration, the user declares to be of age, to include truthful information and to explicitly accept all the conditions indicated below and their possible periodic modifications. In the case of registration in the name and on behalf of a minor, the user declares to be the parent or guardian, to constantly monitor the actions taken by the child on the site and to assume full responsibility. In the case of direct and independent registration by a minor, it is presumed full knowledge, authorization and acceptance of the parent or guardian.

1.3 – In the case of registration in the name and on behalf of a company of persons or capital, recognized and non-recognized organizations, and / or associations of any kind, the user declares under his own responsibility that he is in possession of the relevant delegation or prescribed authorization.

1.4 – If the conditions necessary for registration are met, each Member may have one or more identifiers (alias / nickname) and one or more passwords, which are strictly personal and confidential and which must not be communicated and shared with third parties. In no case will gospareparts.com be held responsible for the loss of aliases and / or passwords by the Member. In the event that a Member communicates or uses this information in a manner contrary to their purpose, the Manager reserves the right to terminate the Member’s account without notice. The Member will be solely responsible for the use of these identification elements by third parties or the actions or declarations made through his account, whether fraudulent or not. The Member guarantees gospareparts.com against any request to that effect.1.5 – Gospareparts.com non dispone dei mezzi per garantire l’identità delle persone che s’iscrivono ai propri servizi, pertanto non è responsabile in caso di abuso dell’identità di un Iscritto. Se l’Iscritto ha motivo di ritenere che una persona usa i suoi dati identificativi o il suo account, dovrà informarne immediatamente il Gestore tramite email all’indirizzo info@gospareparts.com.

1.5 – Gospareparts.com does not have the means to guarantee the identity of the persons who sign up for their services, therefore it is not responsible in case of abuse of the identity of a Member. If the Member has reason to believe that a person uses his identification data or his account, he must immediately inform the Manager via email at info@gospareparts.com.

1.6 – Administrator reserves the right to deactivate the accounts of Members who have not used the service for a period of more than 6 months. The date taken into consideration to calculate the duration of this period is the date of the last connection to the site.

1.7 – During the use of the services, the Member undertakes in particular to:

  • Respect the laws in force in the country of use of the services offered and the rights of third parties;
  • Do not formulate expressions or disclose in any form content that violates the rights of third parties or that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting to violence, political, racist or xenophobic and, in general, content contrary to the WebMarket object , laws and regulations in force or morals. In particular, photos, videos and any information, data or files provided by a Member at gospareparts.com must be decent and refer exclusively to the Member;
  • Do not publish or disseminate in any form, information or contents that have the effect of diminishing, disorganizing, preventing the normal use of services, interrupting and / or slowing down the normal circulation of communications between the Subscribers through services, such as applications, viruses , Trojan horses, mass mailing (spam), etc .;
  • Do not publish or disseminate in any form, information or content that includes links to other sites that are illegal, contrary to morality and / or do not comply with the subject of Gospareparts.com .;

1.8 – dministrator reserves the right to cancel or prevent the registration of a user at its own discretion and without notice.

Definitions and limits of entered informations

2.1 – The inclusion of messages and comments in all sections of the site is not subject to prior approval. Messages that are offensive, abusive, polemical, vulgar, outrageous, disrespectful, defamatory or incitement to lawlessness, which carry threats, damage, defame or insult other users or third parties, deemed to be unquestionable by the Manager, are not admitted and will be modified or deleted as soon as the editorial staff is made aware of it.

2.2 – In messages containing any information on minors must be obscured, unless the user who inserts the message has been authorized to enter them from the guardians or parents of the minor.

2.3 – Administrator reserves the right to reveal the identity of the author and the relative source IP address of a message in the eventuality of a specific request from the competent authorities , in the context of judicial investigations or investigations.

Responsabiity Limitation

3.1 – To the extent permitted by law, gospareparts is in no way responsible for direct or indirect damages, including the image to the decoration and reputation eventually suffered by users of the site or third parties, as a result of the use of the Site.

3.2 – Administrator is released from any liability in connection with the loss, damage to any information and / or strictly personal data that are beyond the necessary and exclusive information necessary for registration on the Site. The user is therefore required not to enter information whose loss , damage or consultation by anyone who may cause damage to oneself or to third parties, also in virtue of the fact that in case of violations of this regulation the Operator may proceed without prior notice to the cancellation of the user registration, that is, all data of the user.

3.3 – User acknowledges that all the information entered (and therefore also the e-mail addresses, passwords and private messages), are stored in a database. Pursuant to art. 50 of the Penal Code, the user authorizes the Manager and the staff responsible for server maintenance to consult all the data entered, both in routine maintenance operations and in order to verify compliance with these Regulations; the user is also informed of the fact that attacks by hackers may occur that could compromise or steal the data or the entire database, which neither gospareparts.com nor server administrators can be held responsible or called to compensation for damages.

3.4 – Administrator can not be held responsible for:

  • Contents or the reliability of the sites reported by third parties to the entire Site;
  • Advertising banners displayed on the Site and related sites or activities connected to them;

User who is the victim of a scam or in any case of an incorrect behavior, can report it to the Manager through the contact form.

3.5 – Administrator can not be held responsible for false declarations made by a Member. Therefore it is advised the Members to take precautions in case of meetings with other Members. The Manager assumes no responsibility for the meetings between the Members, on gospareparts.com or during the meetings between members and non-members, following the use of its site and its services. In this regard, the Manager reminds Members that they can not divulge information that allows their identification, such as surname, postal and / or electronic address, landline and mobile phone numbers, to other members of gospareparts.com.


4.1 – By accepting this agreement, the user undertakes to indemnify the Manager as well as the directors, collaborators and employees of the same from any obligation to pay compensation, including legal fees, which may be requested by third parties due to his conduct on this Site and any of its services, due to the content and / or expressions of the same used, due to the violation of this regulation or due to any other violation of laws, regulations or customs.

Intellectual Property

5.1 – Trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on the Site are intellectual property of gospareparts.com and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the express permission of the Manager, under penalty of legal action. The rights of use granted by the Manager to the Member are strictly limited to access, downloading, printing, reproduction on any medium (hard disk, diskette, CD-ROM, etc.) and the use of these documents to private and personal purpose within and for the duration of accession to gospareparts.com. Any other use by the Member is forbidden without permission. In particular, the Member may not modify, copy, reproduce, download, disseminate, transmit, commercially exploit and / or distribute in any way the services, the pages of the Site, nor the computer codes of the elements that make up the services of the Site.

Content disclosed by Users

6.1 – Gospareparts.com has a license to use the intellectual property rights for the content provided by the Subscribers for the purpose of dissemination on the Site: this license includes in particular the right to reproduce and represent the contents concerning the Member (information, images, video, etc.), on all or part of the Website, in e-mail communications by gospareparts.com and in any programs or advertisements. This gospareparts.com license to modify said contents in order to respect the graphic aspect of the Site and / or to make them compatible with the relative technical performances. The Member can not copy, reproduce or otherwise use the contents concerning the other Members except for the strict necessity of use of the services for personal and private purposes.

Contract Termination

7.1 – Each Member can solve his registration at gospareparts.com at any time and without specifying the reason. Within your profile (Settings) there is the procedure to follow to cancel the service. Without prejudice to other provisions of these rules, in case of violation of this regulation by the Member, gospareparts.com reserves the right to suspend and cancel the account without notice and / or to bring legal actions against of the same inscription. This resolution will be fully valid, without prejudice to any damages and interests that may be claimed by gospareparts.com to compensate for the damage suffered as a result of such violations.

Responsibility and Guarantee

8.1 -Data provided by User at gospareparts.com must be correct and conform to reality. The consequences of their disclosure on the life of the Member and / or that of other Members are the exclusive responsibility of the Member himself. Gospareparts.com can not be held responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by the Subscribers and / or visitors to the site. Likewise, Gospareparts.com can not be held responsible for the contents disclosed by a Member that may violate the rights of one or more of the other Subscribers. In the event that gospareparts.com is held responsible for a violation committed by a Member, the obligations arising under applicable law or these terms of use, the Member undertakes to guarantee gospareparts.com against any condemnation pronounced against him. This guarantee covers any indemnities that may have to be paid, attorney fees and legal fees that will be charged to gospareparts.com.

Site Operation and Terms of Service

9.1 – User must have the skills, equipment and applications necessary to use the Internet and recognizes that the characteristics and constraints of the Internet allow it to guarantee the protection, availability and integrity of data transmissions on the Internet. Given these conditions, gospareparts.com does not guarantee that the services will work without interruption or malfunctions. In particular, their use may be temporarily interrupted for reasons of maintenance, updating, technical improvement, modification of the content or the related presentation method. As far as possible, gospareparts.com will inform the Members in advance of a maintenance or update operation. The Member does not consider responsible gospareparts.com for the operation and use of the services. Likewise, gospareparts.com can not be held responsible for any malfunctions, impossibility of access or bad conditions of use of the Site due to improper equipment, malfunctions inside the Subscriber’s access provider, traffic of the Internet and any other reason not dependent on gospareparts.com.


10.1 – Site may provide, or third parties may include links to other websites or other Internet sources. Since gospareparts.com can not control such sites and external sources, it can not be held responsible for their availability, or for the content, advertising, products and services related to it or any other elements available on such sites or external sources. Any malfunction related to a connection must be communicated to the administrator or to the webmaster of the site itself. The consultation and / or use of such sites and external sources are regulated by the relative conditions of use of the same. If the result of a search conducted on the site gospareparts.com leads the Member to consult other sites, pages or forums whose title and / or contents constitute a violation of Italian law, the Member must stop consulting the site; otherwise, he will be held responsible for his actions.

Changes to the Site and Terms of Service

11.1 – Gospareparts.com reserves the right to modify or modify at any time the pages of the Site, the services or conditions of use currently in force. These changes will take effect from the moment they are put online on the Site, subject to the right of any Member to cancel their membership in gospareparts.com. Otherwise, it is assumed that the Member has accepted these changes and continues to use the Site or related services. The Subscribers are therefore invited to consult the most recent version available online on the website (present at the bottom of the page, under the heading Conditions of Use). The presence of the Inscribed on the site implies its full acceptance of any revision or modification of the present.

Applicable Jurisdiction – Attribution of Jurisdiction

12.1 – These Term of Service are regulated, interpreted and applied in accordance with Italian law. The Italian courts will be the only competent in relation to any dispute related to these general rules of adhesion to services from gospareparts.com, including, in a non-exclusive way, their validity, interpretation, execution and / or resolution and the related civil and criminal consequences.