The rules for the revision of trucks have undergone significant changes with the decree number 214 of 19 May 2017 issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The new legislation will come into force from 20 May 2018.

The timing of the truck review remains the same or for the first time in the year following the first registration, within the month of issue of the registration certificate and subsequently every year within the month corresponding to the month in which the last revision was carried out. This applies to vehicles of categories N2 and N3, ie motor vehicles designed and constructed essentially for the transport of goods, having a total mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

“One of the most important innovations concerning the truck review is the introduction of a certificate of revision that will contain, in addition to the outcome of the technical verification and the date of the subsequent revision, also the reading of the odometer at the time of the revision. to the protection of the consumer in the case of sale of used vehicles with a view to preventing fraud in the second-hand market.In addition, the certificate must show any deficiencies of the vehicle detected at the time of the revision with the indication of the type of deficiency, if slight serious or dangerous and in this last case the prohibition on the use of the vehicle on public roads is also included. “

In the case of slight deficiencies, the vehicle may circulate for one month, within which period it must be subjected to a second review, after resolution of previous deficiencies. If the vehicle does not pass the revision with severe deficiencies, it is suspended from circulation until a review with a favorable outcome and can only travel to go to the audit center. In all cases, revising reservations in public centers will allow circulation on the Italian territory without penalties up to the date set for control, provided that the booking has been made within the deadline of the revision.

Already the circular prot. RU 4791 of 27 February 2017 had introduced major changes in truck audit standards. These had been heavily criticized by trade unions and road hauliers and for this reason, as well as witnessing the difficulty of the operations, they had been extended several times to finally enter into force on 6 June 2017. Among the main changes established there is an obligation to report on the back of the reservation sheet and submit the owner’s declaration of the vehicle to be reviewed and the declaration of the workshop owner who maintains the vehicle, in practice a certificate of proper maintenance signed by the workshop manager to whom the vehicle is entrusted. Furthermore, the circular requires an increase in the minimum time required for carrying out a review (the so-called operational tape): 30 minutes for buses and transport of dangerous goods, 20 for trucks, 15 for trailers and semi-trailers.