Sustainability also comes from the engine, regardless of whether it is a sole or vertical, from angular misalignments and from the post-treatment allocation, free or captive. And it is a fact that the engine is one of the parameters that make up the evaluation grid that the jurors of the Sustainable Bus of the Year will have to fall on each of the vehicles in the race with the contribution of the Milan Polytechnic in the person of Professor Giulio Ceppi.

“If the field of urban areas (one of the three categories that divides the title that will be delivered in front of the prestigious audience of the most important show in the Bus & Coach sector: that of Busworld Europe to be held in Kortrijk in October), row an almost full presence of “full electric” means, turning his gaze to the world of the giants of the road, the coach buses that leave themselves under the wheels thousands of kilometers of highway moving on strictly long sections, here is the endothermic remains protagonist and undisputed master of the scene, but even among the ranks of vehicles destined to long-distance routes, the flag of “clean fuels” stands rigorously on vehicles where the good old internal combustion engine rises to new youth or combined with an electric motor ( hybrid, beauty) or simply gas powered.We see what hides the SBY 2018 candidates’ machine room in the categories and, indeed, “Intercity” and “Coach”.

Gas and hybrids run outside the city

“Starting from the so-called Class II vehicles, ie those designed to connect, for example, the municipalities of the suburbs with large cities, the Irizar i4 Hybrid combines a Cummins Isb6.7L 300H (strong, precisely, 300 horsepower) to a power unit electric equipped with inverter. Scania wanted to combine electrons and biogas: the endothermic of the Citywide Hybrid can be fed with the gas resulting from the fermentation of wastewater and organic waste. Maximum privacy is maintained on the Iveco Crossway Cng, which will be presented at the Busworld. The Setra MultiClass S 418 Le Business enjoys the services of the same Mercedes OM 470 Euro VI of which we will speak in a few lines. The Solaris Interurbino, instead, hosts in the engine room the 10,837 liters Daf Mx-11 240 engine, capable of 326 horses at 1,650 rpm. The treatment of exhaust gas is entrusted to an after-treatment system using Egr, particulate filter and Scr. The Mf-11 240 Daf is one of two options available for the Vdl Futura Fmd2-135, which can also be “garnished” with the 370-horsepower version. “

Mercedes and Man serve “at home”

Among the ranks of candidates, the two German novelties of summer 2017 can not be missing: the new Mercedes Tourismo and the renewed Man Lion’s Coach. The first of the two bears the presence in the engine room of two engine models signed strictly Mercedes: the Om 936 (a novelty) for the model of attack 12 meters, the Om 470 for the other three versions ranging from 13.1 to 13.9 meters. The dodecametric moves thanks to the 7.7-liter endothermic, equipped with 354 horsepower at 2,200 rpm and a peak torque of 142 kilograms between 1,200 and 1,600 rpm. The top model, for its part, hides under the body six cylinders (same composition of the other versions) and 10.7 liters, able to develop 456 horses and unleash a pair from 2,195 Newtonmetro to just a thousand laps.


The new Man Lion’s Coach, which will be unveiled right at Busworld, as anticipated by the house, presents a Euro VI kinematic chain also advantageous in consideration of the long axial transmission ratio (i = 2.73) and the increase in performance of 20 PS and 200 Nm.


Many Daf Engines for Irizar

Irizar, in motorist language, reads Daf, a heretical pronunciation with respect to the orthodoxy of the Scania kinematic chain that until another day in Italy was synonymous with the Basque constructor. The new i6s Integral, presented at the last Ibe in Rimini, does not differ from the European standard. Available there is a range of engines that starts from ‘MX11 271 10.8 liters (same choice for the other candidate, the Vdl Futura Fhd2-106), a particularly performing unit that would also be respected at sea, given the lift capacity and torque, to get to the top option, the 12.9-liter MX13 375 and 510 horses (against the 369 of the first). In the middle is the triad MX11 291, MX11 320 MX11 340. Limiting ourselves to consider the top of the list, the aforementioned 510 horses (in the range of revolutions between 1,425 and 1,750) go hand in hand with a maximum torque of 2,500 Newtonmetro .

As already mentioned, the choice of Vdl, which opts for the home supplier, falls again on Daf: the Daf plant is just a few minutes drive from the production plants of the Eindhoven house, which makes its own buses between Holland and Belgium. In the shortlist of Sustainable Coach of the Year 2018 candidates, the Futura Fhd2-106, the “little one” of a tourist range that starts from 10.6 meters to reach 14.8. Well, the ten meters Vdl feeds just the diesel fuel passed for the combustion chambers of the Daf MX11 271 (optional the MX11 320). The result in terms of power? 1,600 Newton meters of torque between 1,000 and 1,650 rpm.


500 horses power and pass the fear

Evobus is also on the list of candidates with the other side of his medal, that of Ulm: Setra responds to the appeal with the ComfortClass S 516 Hd / 2, driven by the aforementioned Mercedes Om 470 engine, strictly Euro VI, in the calibration 10.7 liters with common rail injection system with X-pulse pressure amplifier. We are almost at the end of the overview. Another son of the Lion of Nuremberg finds accommodation in the full list of candidates. The only two floors in the race bears the Neoplan logo: it is the Skyliner transformed into extra-urban version to serve the Lazio inter-regional lines under the Cotral livery. What hides in the chest? Soon said: a 500 horsepower Man D26 engine.


May the best win!